The Great Drought Handbook

The Great Drought Handbook is an unprecedented opportunity to get your knowledge DIRECTLY in front of every Farmer in Australia. A strategy that has never been utilised before now. We believe that the combination of the drought, farmers desperation to get out of the drought, the charitable and government support coupled with the best sustainable solutions, can combine to bring an unprecedented wave of change never before seen in our agriculture history. A change for the future. A change for the better.

What Would Love Do Now is the Charity behind ‘The Great Drought Handbook’ and this is our first action step towards unifying Food Consumers (General Public) with Compassionate Support for our farmer (Charities) and a move towards sustainable, long-term preventative Farming Practices (Regenerative Agriculture). We believe that we can permanently prevent the implications of drought one farm at a time by improving Farmers knowledge and broadening their opportunities and options for drought proofing their properties.

It is difficult to determine how much of the money raised by charities gets to the source of the people in need. This is particularly valid when dealing with regional Australia, as the vast majority of farmers would testify that they have no idea how to access the support or where to go to get the help they need. The information is just not reaching them. This is hindered by the fact the internet is not broadly used among the older generational farmers, and there is no established network through regional NSW and QLD that connects farmers, their families and their communities to charitable and government support.

The Great Drought Handbook supports every farmer to improve carbon in their soil, water efficiency and biodiversity, and in doing so Australia’s Food Belt will highly benefit and with that every family in Australia. Improved sustainable farming means less chemicals and less poisons used to grow our food. Improved farming methods means no more chemicals destroying our Great Barrier Reef and Oceans. Improved farming methods means resilient national food industries and future jobs for next generations.

Let’s build something great! Because that’s What Love Would Do Now.

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The Great Drought Handbook

  • 144 page publication to be sent directly to the physical mailboxes of 86,000 farming families in Australia. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Includes a comprehensive list of the Registered Charities raising funds and providing immediate support for Farming Families affected by the drought.
  • A comprehensive guide to long-term, sustainable, regenerative solutions; innovations, technologies and knowledge to permanently end droughts one farm at a time. This is our first real opportunity to speak directly to every farmer in Australia. An unprecedented strategic move. Timed to reach the farmer when they are desperate to seek solutions out of this drought.
  • A comprehensive review of actual case-studies, to showcase to farmers Australia wide that joining the Regenerative Ag Movement is not only possible it is actually the easiest, healthiest, cheapest way out of the drought permanently.

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