We have a holistic GRASSROOTS charity model – with a fresh dynamic approach to what a charity can look like and what it can do.

We are here as a friend to the earth and by extension our food-chain and farming practises, our communities and by extension all people that live in Australia. Our model is without prejudice and we will not stop until we have succeeded in making a very big, very obvious contribution to the health of Australia and its future capacity to thrive. Everything we achieve you will be able to see.

What would love do now is the best question ever asked and when one searches for the best answer to the best question on any given topic one finds true wisdom, sustainability and a future.

‘Australian farmers feed 61 million people each year, here and overseas, and supply 93% of our country’s daily food. In times of drought, some food growers can’t afford to feed themselves or their animals.’

There is no doubt that it is getting hotter, drier and more expensive to grow your food for you. We need your help. – We’re asking you to personally invest $50 towards proven long term solutions for thriving food growing communities and farming families. – Invest 50 minutes a month to connect with the people who grow your food. That could mean attending a farmer’s market, asking your restaurant owner ‘who are the farmers
who produced this food and what is their story?’, keeping informed about farmers’ challenges and campaign your supermarket to ‘stop the squeeze’ or boycott them, watch ABC’s premier farming show Landline, join us in our campaigns.

We want your creative ideas about how to create joy in food growing communities and how to help farmers and their communities get out of the drought better than when they went in.”