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So can we help farmers, their families and their communities come out of this drought better than when they went in?

We ask the question: How can we use this emergency to galvanise action towards vastly improving the capacity for our growers to produce our food and fibre in a changing climate?

We believe massive and ongoing support for innovative methods of agriculture, thriving farming communities and forging strong connections with cities is what we need. Immediate relief is vital right now but equally important is a focus by all Australians to radically change how they value farmers’ contribution to our society and what they  produce for us in our regions. Australia’s food-chain must be moved powerfully into a healthy and protected future. For us that means farming communities are supported to thrive and not just survive as it gets hotter, drier and more challenging to produce the food we need.

With your help, all our efforts are focused on providing support through our ’Give A Fifty, Mate’ conversation. We don’t see this just as a campaign, a one off to seek funds for good works, but a crucial conversation that we all have to have. It’s a conversation that we can’t ignore anymore and one that needs to yield a nation-wide shift in how we support thriving food and fibre growers. And this is where joy comes in.

There is no doubt that years of low rainfall, failed gardens, no crops, and dying stock is grim but so is climbing out of post-drought debt and rebuilding what was lost. Mustering the courage to try again is what it’s all about. This becomes an impossible task without those who understand how important the joyful events, a broad network of supportive communities and new innovations to lower the risk are. A collective hope that we can find a way is what we need now.

Everybody knows you need something to look forward to.