Launching a National Regen Ag Awareness Day on 14th Feb 2019. This awareness day is about Regenerative Agriculture being the new normal. The conversation on everyone’s lips and hearts. We want one million Aussies to support the Regenerative Ag Day. Every dollar we raise goes back to seeding projects, individuals and organisations that are focused in regenerating regional communities and soils across Australia. 100 Resturants involved, community gardens across australia and the brightest of our regional and city schools. Its going to be a movement for change like no-other.

Soil carbon is the key to our landscapes. Soil carbon holds water at 4 times its own weight in the soil. If we lift soil carbon from 1% to 2%, our soil will now hold four times as much water so when it does rain we can hold that water for future plant growth. It’s Easy to be Green, if you are in the black!