The Great Drought Handbook is an unprecedented opportunity to get Regen Ag solutions DIRECTLY in front of every Farmer in Australia. A strategy that has never been utilised before now. We believe that the combination of the drought, farmers desperation to get out of the drought, the charitable and government support coupled with the best sustainable solutions, can combine to bring an unprecedented wave of change never before seen in our agriculture history. A change for the future. A change for the better.

144 pages direct to 86,000 farming families mailboxes. This is our first action step towards unifying Food Consumers (General Public) with Compassionate Support for our farmer (Charities) and a move towards sustainable, long-term preventative Farming Practices (Regenerative Agriculture). We believe that we can permanently prevent the implications of drought one farm at a time by improving Farmers knowledge and broadening their opportunities and options for drought proofing their properties.